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Eating well can help you feel your best, give you energy for an active lifestyle, and promote good health. Are you trying to manage your weight? Wondering about protein, fat and carbs? Want to improve a health condition? Together we will develop a plan to maintain or restore your optimal level of nutrition wellness. Along with body contouring you will receive nutrition consulting package
An in-depth nutritional analysis looking at your current macro and micronutrient intake and how it is affecting your overall health.customized meal plans, with grocery list, providing you with the most optimal suggestions to achieving your health and wellness goals.

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Who we are

The Ideal Dream Laser Clinic is a cosmetic-medical center offering only certified, result-oriented hair removal, Skin rejuvenating, body countering and weight loss services for both men and women. Our team includes certified technicians, Registered Dietitian and specialized skin and laser consultants.

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