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Effectiveness of LPG Endermologie


9c5a74c0756a62f792c8c5a481bd0721The effectiveness of LPG Endermologie lies in its action upon cutaneous and subcutaneous structures. The treatment starts by maneuvering the massage head over the patient's entire body over the LPG Endermologie body suit.  As a result, the body is reshaped and skin quality and texture are improved.LPG endermologie causes the density of the tissue to change, improving the cellular and fluid exchanges. 

The dermis and hypodermis connective tissue, which can be compared to a "gel" becomes more fluid which results in the re-sculpting of the body. Excess fluids and unhealthy metabolites disappear. Tissues become transformed, and the result is a thinner dermis and hypodermis.LPG endermologie is well-known worldwide which has been proven effective for improving cellulite orange peel appearance .

 By completing the LPG sessions there will be a big change of the size and even the shape of cellulite but it is important to continue to achieve the best result.

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The Ideal Dream Laser Clinic is a cosmetic-medical center offering only certified, result-oriented hair removal, Skin rejuvenating, body countering and weight loss services for both men and women. Our team includes certified technicians, Registered Dietitian and specialized skin and laser consultants.

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